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High-quality dental implants, along with their attached replacement teeth, look, feel, and function just like natural teeth and are the strongest, most lifelike, and longest-lasting option for tooth replacement.

Replacing a Tooth with a Single Dental Implant

For a broken-down tooth that must be extracted or a single tooth that is already missing, our dentist can professionally place a single dental implant and a top-quality dental crown in most cases. As a result of recent technical advances in the art of implant dentistry, most people with a damaged tooth that must be extracted, or a missing tooth, are now excellent candidates for a single dental implant in the Onalaska & La Crosse, WI areas.

Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges

An implant-supported crown has many advantages over a traditional dental bridge. Conventional dental bridges require grinding down the adjacent, typically healthy, teeth and covering them with crowns to support the bridge. This severely weakens those teeth and can lead to fracture, tooth decay, or infection over time.

Bridges also have an average lifespan of only ten years. Bone loss occurs under a missing tooth due to the absence of chewing pressure on the jaw. The replacement tooth in the dental bridge provides no chewing pressure to maintain bone volume and cannot prevent bone loss.

Dental implants do not require grinding down your healthy adjacent teeth. They provide the chewing pressure needed to maintain bone volume in your jaw and can last a lifetime when cared for correctly. They have numerous advantages over all other forms of tooth replacement. Learn more about the benefits and advantages of dental implants.

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Why Choose Grand River Dental in La Crosse?

The art of dentistry is continuously advancing, with newer, better treatments developed every year. At Grand River Dental, our philosophy is that everyone deserves access to top-level dental care and affordable services. You are invited to discover a unique clinic where you will be treated like family from start to finish. Grand River Dental is unique in our level of experience, technology, and that our dentists, Dr. Leo Malin and Dr. Rachel Malin, are a father-daughter team of top professionals.

Dr. Malin has been featured in Dentistry Today magazine and lectures on implant treatment at continuing education seminars across the globe. As an educator, he serves as the Director of the Implantology and Bone Grafting curriculum at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. All this and more make him and his team the perfect choice for your single dental implant in the Onalaska & La Crosse, WI areas.

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Advanced Technology for Same-Day Implant Treatment

Dr. Malin will use advanced 3D software to map the exact angle and position of your single dental implant.

He uses the latest dental 3D imaging and special planning software to determine your implant’s exact placement angle and position. He also plans out any needed bone grafting in advance of your treatment to ensure the implant has the necessary support and will be stable once in place.

What Will My Single Dental Implant Experience Be Like?

If you have a broken-down tooth that needs extraction, Dr. Malin will do so with a gentle technique that preserves the maximum amount of gum and bone tissue around the extracted tooth. This minimizes the need for bone grafting and speeds healing. Dr. Malin uses a groundbreaking system to keep his patients comfortable during the procedure.

In most cases, Dr. Malin can place the implant and any needed bone grafts immediately after the tooth extraction. If the implant is in a visible area of your smile, he will provide a temporary cosmetic tooth that preserves your appearance while putting no pressure on the implant during the healing process. Learn more about our dental implant treatment.

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We're here to help! We are able to provide a start-to-finish solution for any problem or concern you may have, and we are more than happy to get you to your goals. With our own in-office lab technician and highest-quality equipment, we're able to take care of everything under one roof.

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