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We Make Sure Your Treatment is Comfortable

Dr. Malin and our staff are dedicated to keeping you comfortable at all times when you visit us for treatment. With our friendly service, comfort amenities, minimally invasive procedures and gentle care, we will help you relax and make every step of your treatment as pain free as possible.

Friendly, Caring Service

Our staff are very friendly and they will always greet you with a smile. They respond to your every need and you can always come to them with a question or concern.

Dr. Malin is very caring and really listens to his patients. He takes the time to thoroughly explain procedures and answer all questions so you know what is going to happen and can feel at ease about your treatment.

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Comfort Amenities

We have a refreshment stand in the waiting area that has a coffee bar, chocolates and a refrigerator with various juices. For added comfort in the chair, there are blankets, pillows and headphones. We also provide dark glasses to reduce any glare from the lighting in the treatment room.

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Advanced Technology for Minimally Invasive Treatment

A major way we help you avoid discomfort in your treatment is by using state-of-the-art technology and minimally invasive procedures wherever possible.

Computer-guided implant placement

To determine exactly where to place your implants, Dr. Malin will load your CT scan into special 3D implant planning software. He will precisely plot the exact position, angle and depth of insertion of each implant, choosing locations in your jaw that will provide maximum stability and support. To guarantee accuracy during the procedure, Dr. Malin also uses the software to manufacture a surgical guide—a template that fits over your dental arch and has the exact placement positions and angles of your implants marked. Implant placement using a surgical guide is fast and accurate, and significantly reduces the need for surgical preparation of the implant site.

Advanced digital imaging for diagnosis

Dr. Malin uses our state-of-the-art 3D CT scanner to obtain crisp 3D 360-degree views of your teeth, jawbone, sinus cavities and related anatomy. These images can be magnified for close inspection. They provide the information Dr. Malin needs to determine your oral condition and bone health without invasive surgical procedures. This allows him to precisely plan your dental implant treatment and any needed bone grafting ahead of time.

Ultrasonic surgical device

Dr. Malin uses an advanced ultrasonic surgical instrument to penetrate or sculpt bone. This device emits a controlled micro vibration that carves bone without affecting the surrounding soft tissues. Bone sculpting with an ultrasonic implement is more accurate and much less invasive than bone modification using traditional instruments.

Gentle and virtually painless injections

Regular local anesthetics are highly acidic formulations that often cause an uncomfortable burning sensation when administered. Dr. Malin adds a natural agent (sodium bicarbonate) to the anesthetic which neutralizes the acidity by bringing the pH of the anesthetic to a point where it matches the pH of the body.

Dr. Malin puts a couple drops of the pH-balanced anesthetic on the injection site as a topical numbing agent before slowly and gently administering the injection. This produces little to no uncomfortable sensation, and many patients have commented that they didn’t feel anything.

NuCalm® Drug-Free Deep Relaxation Technology

For lengthy procedures or for patients who need extra help to relax, Dr. Malin uses a breakthrough neuroscience technology known as NuCalm. NuCalm is a safe, highly effective and proven procedure that brings about the state of deep relaxation you feel just before you go to sleep, but without the use of drugs. In this state, there is no tendency to feel anxious and you feel comfortably tranquil, though you are still able to respond to the doctor.

How NuCalm works

Dr. Malin will first apply a specific nutritional formula on your neck (in the form of a cream) that absorbs through your skin into your bloodstream. These nutrients counteract adrenaline and produce a natural relaxation response. Small stimulation patches are then placed behind each ear. Research has shown that stimulation speeds up absorption of the nutrients.

You will then put on a light-blocking eye mask and a set of noise-cancelling headphones will be placed over your ears. Soothing music will be played, as well as a series of low-frequency beats that are the same frequency as your brain waves in a presleep state. The light-blocking eye mask prevents any visual stimulation and helps maintain relaxation. This combination induces a deeply relaxed state throughout the length of your procedure.

No harmful side-effects

The NuCalm procedure produces the same level of comfort and lack of anxiety as drug-induced sedation, but without any harmful side-effects. Recuperation is very fast and you will be able to resume your regular activities with full alertness within minutes.

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