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A beautiful, bright smile is appealing and attractive. With the help of our father-daughter team of dentists in La Crosse WI, Dr. Leo Malin and Dr. Rachel Malin, you can smile with confidence, knowing your teeth look perfect.

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“Dr. Malin has very high standards for his work, and he gets it done right.”

Premier cosmetic dentistry without breaking the bank

The father-daughter team of dentists in La Crosse and Onalaska at Grand River Dental, Dr. Leo Malin and Dr. Rachel Malin, believe every person should have access to the latest advancements in the dental arts. We have established a unique practice built around personalized service and care, with advanced dentistry performed at reasonable rates.

Real patient of Grand River Dental

Dental Implants

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Single Implant

If you are missing a tooth, it will impact your smile, your bite, and the health of your jaw. A customized dental implant allows you to have a healthy, natural-looking tooth that perfectly matches your other teeth in color and shape. Placing a single implant helps keep your other teeth in place, keeps your jaw healthy, and functions like a natural tooth.

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Multiple Implants

You may have lost several teeth or need several extracted as they cannot be restored. At Grand River Dental, we can restore several teeth with implants, creating new teeth that look and function like your natural teeth.

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Implant Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable, slip out of place, and limit the foods you can enjoy. Implant supported dentures make it possible to anchor your dentures to implants, adding stability and chewing power.

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Implant Bridges

An implant bridge uses implants rather than a bridge supported by crowns. The implants hold the missing teeth in place very securely and avoids removing some of your natural tooth structure, which is necessary when placing a standard bridge.

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Our Priority is Patient Comfort

Dr. Malin is very warm and caring, and really listens to your goals and concerns. He takes care to thoroughly explain your treatment and answer all of your questions so you know what is going to happen every step of the way. And if you suffer from anxiety during dental procedures, Dr. Malin can help you feel comfortable using the NuCalm® system, a revolutionary set of natural tools and techniques that induce a state of deep relaxation that is equivalent to that of oral and IV sedation, but without the use of drugs. For a comfortable and aesthetic smile, book your consultation with our fantastic team of cosmetic dentists in La Crosse, WI.

Comfort & Amenities

State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

Dr. Malin’s use of a state-of-the-art cone beam CT scanner to obtain 3D 360-degree views of your teeth and jaw will make your treatment accurate, efficient and comfortable. Using these images in combination with special implant planning software, he will precisely map out the exact placement for your dental implants without the need for invasive exploratory surgery.

Advanced Technology

Grand River Dental

Dr. Leo Malin DDS

Dr. Leo Malin has dedicated his professional life to the art and science of advanced dentistry. He began practicing dentistry in 1991, placing dental implants since 1993, and is arguably one of the leading implant dentists in the state and beyond.

Dr. Malin established Grand River Dental in La Crosse to serve the people of the region and provide them with access to advanced techniques and technology at affordable prices. Grand River Dental is known as the premier implant dentistry in the area. Dr. Malin is a true professional and responsible for developing the full curriculum for dental implants, bone grafting, and dental restorations at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Studies, a leading dental training center.


Dr. Leo Malin serves as an educator, having developed the full curriculum for dental implants, bone grafting, and dental restorations for the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced dental Studies. His curriculum was developed to train other dentists in his advanced techniques

He is a widely respected educator and known throughout the dental community for his focus on advancing the dental arts and achieving superior patient outcomes.


Dr. Malin has been at the forefront in developments in implant dentistry and has developed innovative techniques to achieve correct bite alignment in implant tooth restorations. These innovations have led to several awards, along with several U.S. patents.

His developments have led to greater patient comfort after implant surgery and increased long-term stability for dental implants. 

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Dr. Rachel Malin DMD

Dr. Rachel Malin has always had an interest in the medical field. Growing up with her father, Dr. Leo Malin, she was exposed to dentistry throughout her young life. Her abiding goal, throughout life, was to help people live healthier lives. Her admiration for her father led her to follow his path and train as a dentist. She does not take her responsibility lightly; in fact, she has focused on advancing her techniques at an almost unheard-of speed. Over just three years, Dr. Rachel has completed more than ten times the continuing education required by the state of Wisconsin. Her advanced skills, meticulous attention to detail, and warmth of character have made her a patient favorite at Grand River Dental.

Grand River Dental

“I am totally satisfied with everything associated with Grand River Dental and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Nothing is more attractive than a gleaming, even, healthy smile. If you are one of the countless people who live with uneven teeth, discolored teeth, a gap, broken teeth, or other dental problems, we can help. You will discover that with your smile restored, you will smile more freely and feel far more confident, no matter where you go. At Grand River Dental, our father-daughter team of dentists in La Crosse WI can transform your smile, whether with dental implants, crowns, or custom dental veneers. Our goal is to help you live a happier, more confident life.

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