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At Grand River Dental, we offer a wide range of dentures – including top-of-the-line implant-supported dentures that provide an extraordinary level of stability, support, and comfort. Whether you are looking for new dentures or need to replace uncomfortable ill-fitting existing dentures, we can help.

Our well-fitting, high-quality dentures

Dr. Leo Malin and Dr. Rachel Malin ensure you have exceptionally well-fitting and comfortable dentures by analyzing your bite and jaw joints and designing dentures for optimal alignment.  He uses a sophisticated set of computerized diagnostic instruments to measure how your jaws come together, how your facial muscles react to the motion of your jaws, accurately detect the source of muscle or joint pain, and how your jaw joints function.

Our dentists use this information to determine the degree to which your bite is out of alignment and simultaneously discover the ideal bite relationship between your upper and lower jaws. This diagnostic data is implemented to fabricate custom new dentures.

Strong, stable new teeth with implant-supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures are the most popular form of dentures at Grand River Dental. They provide superior stability, appearance, and chewing power while providing your jaws with the support needed to avoid bone loss and stay healthy. These advanced dentures snap onto implants using special attachments and are held firmly in place in your mouth, and provide a wide range of benefits when compared to traditional dentures:

  • They do not move around, slip, or click while you eat and talk
  • They provide 60% of your natural chewing power, compared to 10% with traditional dentures
  • They do not require a false palate that inhibits your ability to taste and enjoy food
  • They can be removed like traditional dentures for cleaning
  • They are lightweight and comfortable, rather than large and bulky

Learn more about implant-supported snap-in dentures.

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Stabilizing your existing dentures

If you want to increase the stability and chewing power of your current dentures, Dr. Malin can retrofit them with custom attachments so they snap onto implants. When dentures are stabilized with implants, they do not move around or make clicking sounds when you eat or speak. Your dentures will be comfortable to wear, and your chewing power will be significantly improved.

Flexible, metal-free partial dentures

Dr. Malin offers two types of metal-free partial dentures:

Flexible Partials®

A flexible partial denture made from lightweight and robust nylon resistant to breakage. These partials adapt well to the constant movements in your mouth and look very natural. We create custom partials that fit your mouth beautifully.

Clear Framework Partials

These partials use CAD/CAM technology to produce well-fitting, aesthetic, very comfortable partial dentures.

Dr. Malin will explain the unique benefits and advantages of each type of partial denture so you can make an informed choice. He will also give his recommendation about which style is most appropriate for you.

Traditional, full-arch, immediate dentures

If your remaining teeth are decayed or damaged beyond repair, Dr. Malin can perform all needed extractions and provide you with a brand-new set of dentures on the same day. After an initial exam and treatment planning, Dr. Malin will fabricate custom temporary dentures that are ready for you to wear as soon as your teeth are extracted. Your temporary dentures will be comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Malin will gently extract your teeth and place your temporary dentures. When the extraction sites have healed, Dr. Malin will check your temporaries for fit and comfort and make any needed adjustments before designing your permanent dentures. Your custom, permanent dentures will look very natural and aesthetic, sit comfortably in your mouth, and provide excellent bite alignment.

Dr. Malin fabricates dentures that are not bulky or uncomfortable and have a very natural appearance. He designs them to be supported by dental implants in the future, should you ever choose to stabilize your dentures further and enjoy increased chewing power.

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Alternatives to Dentures

Fully fixed, new teeth: All-on-four Implants

We perform “All-on-four” implants, also known as implant-supported fixed bridgework, which are a lifelike set of (upper, lower) teeth that look entirely natural and allow you to eat the foods you love with confidence – no slipping.  The bridgework is anchored securely with implants for the long term. Our patients are thrilled with the improvement in their quality of life with this alternative.

If you want to learn more about all-on-four dental implants in La Crosse, Wisconsin, contact our office today!

Fixed bridgework

You have various options to replace lost teeth. Fixed bridgework involves using your natural, healthy teeth on both sides of a missing tooth to hold the bridge in place.

Your new teeth will be fabricated from state-of-the-art zirconia, an extremely strong and lifelike ceramic that is among the latest advances in dentistry. Unlike regular dentures, your upper-arch teeth will not need a false palate that interferes with your sense of taste. Your new teeth will be supported by implants, providing 85% of the chewing power of natural teeth.

Why choose us?

Dr. Leo Malin is a renowned leader in the field of dental implants and full arch teeth replacement. He founded Grand River Dental in 2014 to provide comprehensive, personalized care to all patients with a custom treatment. His daughter, Dr. Rachel Malin, has followed in his footsteps to become one of the areas most educated dental practitioners. Our father-daughter team is focused on providing caring, personalized dental care. We offer numerous options for implant-supported, full-arch replacement teeth that meet any need or preference. Our use of state-of-the-art technology, premium implants, and top-quality restorative materials assures the best results and minimally invasive, comfortable treatment. Restoring all your teeth using dental implants is a major focus of our practice. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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Traditional dentures vs. implant-supported dentures

Before the development of dental implants, traditional dentures were the only option for replacing many teeth in a row or a full set of teeth. Although conventional dentures have greatly improved in function and aesthetics as technology has advanced, dentures still have fundamental disadvantages that make them a less-than-ideal solution.

No matter how well a denture is made, it can still move around in your mouth and will loosen over time due to bone loss. Dentures, unfortunately, provide only a fraction of the chewing power of natural teeth.

Thanks to modern implant technology, Dr. Malin can provide implant-supported dentures and other types of full-arch replacement teeth that are stable in your mouth, remain well-fitting over time, and provide nearly full chewing power. These solutions are much more comfortable than traditional dentures.

Common denture problems

Some of the common problems with traditional dentures include:

Dentures cause accelerated bone loss in your jaw

The jawbone supporting your teeth requires the pressure of normal biting and chewing to maintain volume and density. When teeth are missing, that pressure is lost, and the surrounding bone gradually diminishes. When all your teeth are missing, your entire jawbone slowly loses height and thickness, causing the lower third of your face to take on a “collapsed” look over time.

The pressure dentures put on the jaw accelerates bone loss and facial collapse. This bone loss is the reason denture wearers often develop wrinkles around their mouths, overly thin lips, and pointed chins. Denture wearers who have experienced extensive bone loss tend to look prematurely aged.

When missing tooth roots are not replaced, as with regular dentures, the bone in the jaw starts to diminish, causing facial sagging and a prematurely aged look. Dental implants prevent this from occurring.

Traditional dentures provide only a small fraction of the chewing power of natural teeth

Traditional dentures provide only about 10 percent of the chewing power of natural teeth. This lack of natural chewing power makes it very difficult or even impossible to chew the foods you enjoy or provide healthy nutrition. Many denture wearers must cut food into small pieces or avoid many types of foods altogether.

Traditional dentures dull the senses in your mouth

Upper-arch dentures have a false palate that covers the roof of the mouth. The false palate can substantially inhibit your sense of taste and block your perception of heat and cold while eating or drinking.

Traditional dentures are inconvenient

Dentures must be removed to be cleaned and taken out before going to bed.

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Traditional dentures repeatedly lose their fit and become looser over time

Due to ongoing jaw bone loss, dentures will repeatedly lose their fit and need to be adjusted or replaced. Loose dentures slip or click and make noise while you eat or talk, and even well-fitting dentures require messy adhesives to attempt to keep them securely in place. Loose dentures also cause rubbing and irritation that can lead to painful sores. As the jawbone beneath a denture continues to shrink, it will become progressively more challenging to make any denture fit well.

Implant-supported dentures and full-arch replacement teeth restore chewing power and stability

When dental implants are used to support a full arch of replacement teeth, your chewing power is greatly increased, and the teeth are held firmly in place. Because they provide the jawbone with similar biting and chewing stimulation as do natural teeth do, they have the vital advantage of helping to prevent bone loss and the look of an aging face.

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