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A dental restoration, matched in color and shape to your other teeth, is then mounted onto the implant to become your replacement tooth.

Why choose dental implants to restore lost teeth?

Dental implants are the strongest, longest-lasting, and most lifelike replacement option for missing teeth. Implants are the modern gold standard for tooth replacement, and Dr. Malin always recommends dental implants for eligible patients, as they provide a far superior result.

How do dental implants work?

After an implant is placed in your jaw, new cells grow around the implant surfaces and fuse (integrate) with the implant. The fully integrated implant is just as strong as a natural, healthy tooth root and creates a solid foundation for a replacement tooth. A connecting piece, called an abutment, is then placed on top of the implant.

The top of the abutment sits above the gum line and functions as the attachment point for the visible section of your replacement tooth. Dental-implant-supported replacement teeth offer several significant benefits and advantages over every other form of tooth replacement. Learn more about the benefits and advantages of dental implants.

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Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Due to major advances in technology, most people are now good candidates for dental implants. In the past, patients with too much bone loss around their teeth were not eligible for implants, but thanks to modern techniques, Dr. Malin can restore adequate bone support or, in many cases, eliminate the need for bone regeneration.

If you were told you were not a candidate in the past, we suggest you meet with Dr. Malin to find out if you are now eligible for this advanced procedure.

Even people who had health problems and were told that implant placement was too risky are now candidates. This includes patients who have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or who are heavy smokers.

There are no age limits on who can receive dental implants, the only exception being young people whose jaws are not yet fully developed. When under the care of our father-daughter team of Dr. Leo Malin and Dr. Rachel Malin, you can be confident that we will discuss every option for tooth restoration so you make an educated decision.

How many teeth can be replaced with implants?

Dental implants can be used to support an individual dental crown, dental bridge of any size, or a denture. Dr. Malin will determine how many implants are needed to support a dental bridge or a denture based on a thorough assessment of your jaw’s bone volume and density. For bridges and dentures, he can often use only a few implants to support many replacement teeth at once.

Cutting-edge technology for stable and lifelike results

Dr. Malin provides the full range of dental implant options for missing teeth and is a professional in dental implant treatment. He uses state-of-the-art diagnostics and advanced digital technology to precisely plan your treatment ahead of time and minimally invasive procedures that make your dental implant placement accurate, efficient, and comfortable.

Dr. Malin also designs and places the dental restorations your implants will support. He uses high-quality materials, including zirconia, an extremely durable and lifelike ceramic, which is among the latest advances in dentistry. Zirconia is stronger than porcelain and very difficult to chip, crack, or break.

Learn more about our dental implant treatments. Call us directly, or schedule a private consultation with us online.

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