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Few dental offices have established an in-house lab, but at Grand River Dental, we believe our patients deserve to experience the best of what modern technology has to offer, including restorations created with state-of-the-art tools by a master of the art.

Why does an in-house lab matter in the quality of care?

Our in-house dental lab can significantly improve your quality of care. At our dental office, you will experience dental care that is above and beyond the standard, including the benefits of tooth restorations created by our talented specialist. The benefits include:

  • The perfect fit: Our on-site lab allows for customized adjustments to ensure a perfect fit that is comfortable and performs like a natural tooth.
  • Custom color selection and shading: As our lab technician is in-house, we can more accurately choose the ideal color to match your natural teeth, rather than sending a photo to a lab or sending a restoration back to be adjusted.
Grand River Dental

Meet Patrick Bell - GRD's In-House Technician

Grand River Dental: World-class dental clinic in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Dr. Leo Malin is a national leader in implant technology. His accomplishments include educating other dental practitioners in continuing education seminars in the U.S.A., Germany, Russia, Italy, and the Caribbean. He is widely recognized as being among the most talented implant practitioners in the nation. He serves as the Director of the Implantology and Bone Grafting curriculum at Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, one of the country's most acclaimed training centers. Your dental problem, no matter how serious, can be resolved. Our lab technician, Patrick Bell, works closely with us in our in-house lab, ensuring the ideal fit and appearance.

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