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He offers several options for replacing several missing teeth in a row with premium-quality implants to create very durable and aesthetic new teeth. Imagine being able to eat what you want, smile with confidence, and have replacement teeth that look and function just like your natural teeth!

Have you lost several teeth?

When two teeth in a row are missing, Dr. Malin places an implant for each missing tooth. The implant acts as the root of the tooth and is then covered with a custom crown that perfectly matches your remaining teeth. 

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Implant-supported bridge for missing teeth: What’s right for you?

When three or more teeth are missing, Dr. Malin can also place an implant and crown for each individual tooth. Another option is to place two implants to stably support a dental bridge. He can tell you which option he recommends for you after a full exam and evaluation.

Top-quality materials for maximum aesthetics and durability

At Grand River Dental, we manufacture our own patented, high-quality implants. These custom implants have an exceptional ability to integrate (fuse) with the jawbone and maintain the bone and gum tissue levels around the implant over time.

Your replacement teeth will be fabricated from zirconia, an extremely durable and lifelike ceramic. To create the most natural look, layers of porcelain can be added over the replacement tooth to create the translucent look of natural teeth. Zirconia is the strongest dental ceramic available. It is extremely resistant to chipping, cracking, or breaking

Why choose Grand River Dental in La Crosse?

You deserve to smile with confidence, eat anything you want, and have replacement teeth that function just like natural teeth – that is the beauty of replacing several missing teeth in a row with dental implants. When under the care of Dr. Leo Malin, your treatment will be performed by a leader in the field of implant dentistry, who believes everyone deserves top-level dental care and has made his implant procedures affordable.

Dr. Malin is a respected authority on advanced implant dentistry. He is the Director of the Implantology and Bone Grafting curriculum at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, one of the USA’s leading dental training centers. Beyond his impressive skills, he has personal warmth and genuinely cares about every person he treats.

Tooth implant dentist in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Dr. Malin uses advanced 3D diagnostics, computer-guided planning, and minimally invasive procedures to make your implant treatment precise, efficient, and comfortable. In many cases, he can extract broken-down teeth and place dental implants in the same visit.

Learn more about our state-of-the-art dental implant treatment.

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Implant-supported bridges vs. traditional bridges

There are several reasons why tooth replacement with dental implants is advantageous when compared to placing a dental bridge.

Traditional dental bridges require grinding down the adjacent natural teeth so the bridge can be cemented in place. This considerably weakens those teeth and leaves them vulnerable to fracture, decay, and infection over time. Traditional bridges can also become unstable when they involve several connected crowns, as there is not enough anchoring support to withstand the biting and chewing forces bearing down on them.

Dental implants do not involve grinding down the adjacent teeth and can support a long span of connected replacement teeth by placing more implants to provide support. Implant-supported bridges are far more stable than traditional dental bridges. The chewing pressure on the dental implants has the added advantage of providing the stimulation needed to maintain the bone volume in your jaw, something that traditional bridges do not provide.

The Grand River Dental advantage

We’re here to help! Our father-daughter dental team, Dr. Leo Malin and Dr. Rachel Malin, can provide a start-to-finish solution for any problem or concern you may have, and we are more than happy to get you to your goals. With our own in-office lab technician and highest-quality equipment, we’re able to take care of everything under one roof. To make an appointment, request an appointment online or call us directly.

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